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Unclog your drain with help from a plumber

When you need help with a clogged drain you need a reliable and trustworthy plumber. We can get you the best plumbers in the Netherlands for a fixed price.Quickly, easily reachable and real plumbers!

A blockage of a drain is very annoying. In case of a seriously clogged drain, this can even disrupt you in your daily life. Because how can you make proper use of your toilet if it does not flush properly or does not flush at all? With a clogged drain in the kitchen it is difficult to use the water or you can no longer do the dishes. Unclogging of the drain is then necessary. If unclogging by yourself no longer works, you must call in a plumber for unclogging.

Is your toilet blocked?

The most annoying blockage is the one in the toilet's drain. When flushing is no longer possible or the toilet overflows, the toilet drain must be unblocked as soon as possible. You can do a lot yourself to prevent a blockage. Do not flush things that do not belong there. Think of moist toilet towels that are currently very popular, but sanitary towels or food waste should not be flushed down the toilet either. Of course you should not use too much toilet paper, which can also cause a blockage. If you can no longer unclog the toilet yourself with an unblocker or chemical agents, call the plumber for unclogging. The plumber can easily unclog the toilet drain with a spring or other tool, so that the toilet will flow properly again.

Unclogging the sink

The sink in the kitchen is always a risk of clogging. This is often used during cooking and perhaps for washing dishes if you do not have a dishwasher. During this process, food residues and grease are often flushed down the sink drain. These residues can cause a blockage. If the blockage is not that deep, you can try a lot yourself. The sink drain is connected to a siphon. A blockage can easily occur here. If you suffer from a blockage, you can try to remove the siphon. This way you can clean the siphon properly and remove a blockage. If a blockage is not in the siphon, the blockage is further down the sink drain. In that case, it is best to call the plumber for unclogging. With professional tools, the plumber will unclog your sink in no time and you can fully enjoy your kitchen again.


Unclogging of the gutter

Proper rainwater drainage is very important for a home. The rainwater drainage consists of a gutter and downspout that enters the ground or ends in a rain barrel. Without proper rainwater drainage, the water will run off the roof unregulated. This means there is a chance that rainwater will get under the roof covering or damage walls. This will cause you to suffer from roof leaks or other moisture problems. It is therefore important to check the gutter several times a year and to clear it of leaves and other debris. This gives the water plenty of room to be properly drained via the downspout. The gutter itself is easy to keep clean, but there may also be a blockage in the downspout that you cannot reach. To do this, call in the plumber to create a free passage for rainwater. You can also call in the plumber if your gutters have to be properly mounted to the house.

Problems with a blocked sewer?

When the sewer is blocked, you can suffer from this blockage in various places in your home. It is therefore important that you quickly get a plumber here. The plumber is able to inspect the sewer with a camera. This way he can locate the exact location and determine the cause. A blockage can also be caused by damage. This can be done, for example, by subsidence, excavation work or a root of a tree that grows through the sewer system. A plumbing company has all the means to unclog a clogged sewer and repair any damage.

Do not use chemical deblockers!

In any case, do not use any chemical deblockers. Sometimes it helps and sometimes is does not. The times it does not work the chemicals stay in the drain and eat away the glue between the pipes which will cause leakage. Which is not the worst situation when it is underneath the kitchen sink because that is easily reachable for the plumber. It will become a major problem when it is a leakage between walls or wall and ceiling. Hard to reach and hard to fix without breaking anything open.

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